Classes of Shrubby Roses
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There exist many classes of shrubby roses, far too many to list individually. But they can be summarized in groups.

Primitive Shrubs - roses that are species roses or closely related to and resembling species. Rosa rugosa alba Rosa glauca, and Rosa multiflora, are examples of species roses with shrubby growth.

Rosa xanthena Canary Bird, Cantabrigiensis, Stanwell Perpetual and Kiftsgate, are examples of near species roses. One might make an argument that most hybrid rugosa cultivars ought to be considered primitive shrubs since they preserve most of the qualities of the original species.

Old European Roses - These are roses that were cultivated in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Albas typically have grayish leaves and are very well branched. In fact, No other class of roses is so consistently well branched. The roses in this class are not very large, but they can be borne quite generously and they are frequently very fragrant.



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