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Playboy - Floribunda Rose


Floribunda. Bred by Cocker in UK in 1976.
Rose Photo
Shrub, Border
Red/Yellow Blend
Bloom Size:
Medium - about 3 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
6 ft x 5 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments Playboy makes single flowers in a cheery blend of red and yellow. The plant grows vigorously into a large and beautifully balanced shrub and is resistant to disease. New foliage is deep purple and on the rare occasions where it is in place when the rose blooms it frames the flowers to perfection. There is an elegance to the flowers which almost never dissapoints. And there is a rare concinnity to the well-grown flowering shrub that few rose plants equal. This is the reference standard for red-yellow blend roses. They do not get better than this.

BTW: Rose plants approach spring in different ways. Consider two kinds of strategies: Start Early vs. Start Late and Emerge Slowly vs. Emerge Quickly. Roses that can resist frost when leafed out can start early and emerge quickly, extending the season and exploiting early season soil dampness. Roses that cannot resist frost when fully leafed out, of course, die if there is a frost; therefore it is to their advantage to start late. Some roses make small starter-leaves early in the season and if frost hits, the loss of investment can be small, too. Others jump in with both feet, and if frost hits, they are toast. I found Playboy to be frost-hardy in my zone 6b garden in NJ, but when I planted it in my mountain garden in AZ in zone 7b it emerged to fine weather in early April only to be completely destroyed by frost two weeks later.