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Orleans Rose - Polyantha Rose

Orleans Rose

Polyantha. Bred by Levavesseaur in France in 1909.
Bed, Border
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 11
Height & Width:
3 ft x 2 ft

Comments Orleans rose produces great masses of very informal semi-double flowers on a vigorous and durable plant. And it is quite remontant. Its greatest flaw is its complete lack of fragrance. It might be a little susceptible to mildew, too. If this were not still a good choice for the garden, it would still be a landmark in rose breeding.


Important in its own right as the first polyantha, this rose has a host of sports including: Miss Edith Cavell, Freudenfeurer, Coral Cluster, Juliana, and Orange Queen. The color of this rose is a matter worthy of some consideration. In very warm places like Mississippi, it appears to bloom in a rich crimson. In Eastern Europe, it is evidently rosy in color. And in Canada it is a mid pink. We assume this is due to the China rose habit of making red pigment faster in hotter weather. All this is worthwhile thinking about because the garden effects of pink, rose, and crimson are distinctly from each other. It is also worthwhile because this is a nice, foliferous plant with generally good health, so it is worthy of a place in a border - if the color of the blossom is right.