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Mrs. R. M. Finch - Polyantha Rose

Mrs. R. M. Finch

Polyantha. Bred by Finch in Australia in 1923.
Border, Shrub
Pale Pink
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Small - about 2 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 10
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments Mrs R. M. Finch produces pink roses with a remarkable profusion and temporal continuity. It has a reputation of being a sort of unconditional blossom manufacturing plant. The rose almost defines for roses the standards of "good health" and "remontance" or "bloom continuity". Surprisingly, the plain pink blossoms are fragrant. The plant is almost unconditionally healthy,

BTW: Fans of David Austin roses willl complain that this rose has blossoms that are not very pretty. They will also complain that this rose has no fragrance. Mrs. R.M. Finch does, however, give expression to the David Austin's ideal of a nicely branched, shrubby rose better than most of his own (early) introductions. There is a tempation to compare this rose to a host of foliferous shrub roses for landscapes, Meidiland roses, Color Carpet roses, Knock-Outs and knockoffs. It is hard to argue that Mrs. R. M. Finch's blossoms are much prettier or much more interesting; but some times the shapes of these shrubs or the colors of their flowers or the way they carry them seem more interesting.