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Minuette - Floribunda Rose


Floribunda. Bred by Lammerts in USA (West) in 1969.
White/Pink Blend
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft
Good for Mediterranian Climates

Comments Unique and stunning: White petals are edged in rose and fade toward apricot at their bases in a high-centered blossom. Only slightly fragrant, they do last well when cut. It's one of a handful of flowers to (almost) make the leap from the cut flower trade into the garden. There is also a climbing version.

BTW: It would be interesting to compare Minuette to a few other roses whose strength lies in pink edging over white blossoms. Minuette's tends to be light and understated; and the blossoms tend to have good, high centered form - imparting a sense of neatness and elegance to the flowers at an early stage. The piping on the edge of Len Turner is much heavier and darker, so it looks more bold, but the petals are much narrower, too. This lends a kind of busyness to the flower that some will find emphasizes the effect and others may find makes the flower look busy. The flowers of Nicole fall somewhere between these extremes. Petals are wider than those of Len Turner. Opening buds tend to have a classic hybrid tea rose shape, but it's not quite so formal as that of Minuette. Edging tends to be thick and dark - at least where the flower is grown in intense sunlight - though it can be quite light under certain conditions. Of course, there is no rose (except for Hannah Gordon and Tabris) with this coloration that can approach Nicole's extraordinary ability to produce flowers in profusion. Finally, Minuette produces yellow pigment that tends to linger on younger petals and at the petal bases that lends an extra dimension to half-open flowers that is absent in the others. A perfect Minuette will outclass the other flowers in this comparison, but it is, perhaps as rare as it is beautiful.