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Magic Lantern - Hybrid Tea Rose

Magic Lantern

Hybrid Tea. Bred by Royon in France in 1995.
Bed, Border
Bloom Size:
Moderate - about 2.5 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 2 ft

Comments Magic Lantern is a sport of the very popular and highly rate Gold Medal. Its flowers mix orange, gold, copper, and apricot tones making for quite an interesting and lively presentation. Good, healthy, hardy apricot colored roses are hard to find and while this one has its shortcomings it is a good start. Classified a grandiflora in the US, it can be expected to bear more orange flowers than most hybrid teas might. The patent for this rose recently expired suggesting that we might see it back in circulation soon, perhaps under a new name. Let us hope so.

BTW: This rose is a fine example of how patent law is used to the disadvantage of the rose-buying public. The first issue revolves around the patenting of 'sports.' That is a patently absurd idea because the legal motivation of a patent is an exchange of public disclosure of how an invention is created in exchange for market exclusivity. But there is no invention associated with a sport, only observation of a random event. One might as well patent the sum seven when two dice are thrown. The second problem arises when companies hold patents not to gain from distributing a rose, but from NOT distributing a rose. If Magic Lantern is anything like as good as its sporting parent Gold Medal, the rose-buying public is ill-served by the fact that the rose was patented, for this would appear to have assured that it was almost not distributed at all.