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Madame Plantier - Alba Rose

Madame Plantier

Alba. Bred by Plantier in France in 1835.
Rose Photo
Pillar, Shrub
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 10
Height & Width:
5 ft x 4 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments As an alba, this rose is very nicely branched and foliated. In the late spring it virtually covers itself with two inch flowers that are white with just a touch of buff, and very fragrant. There is speculation that the rose has some tea-noisette heritage - its foliage is not quite so gray as that of most albas. And when settled into a garden spot it favors it can make branches that are up to ten feet long. But it is cold-hardy, vigorous, and virtually indistructable. From the mountains of Vermont to the valleys of Arizona and pretty much everywhere in between it thrives without much intervention. In light of the amount of foliage it carries and the fact that it does not get black spot, this is one rose that should not be allowed to get too terribly dry. Also, in sunny zone 8 and 9 locations it might appreciate two or three hours of shade in the afternoon.

BTW: It is not extremely unusual to find some obscure, rarely sold rose variety to rate more than 8.0 on the ARS scale. Occasionally a pocket of fans of some obscure variety to all rate it highly. Or occasionally a kind of mania will strike fans of a new rose and inflate people's opinion of it. But Madame Plantier is widely planted and has a deep history, so its rating of 8.8 means this really is an exceptional rose.