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Leontine Gervais - Large Flower Climber Rose

Leontine Gervais

Large Flower Climber. Bred by Barbier in France in 1903.
Pillar, Arch, Pergola
Pale Apricot
Bloom Size:
Small - about 2 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 10
Height & Width:
12 ft x 6 ft

Comments Of all the tea/wichurana crosses released by Barbier this might be the most subtly colored. In bud the flowers are aprocot, kissed with a touch of orange. Richly fragrant of musk, they open and fade quickly to cream and white. They are borne in spring and accented by glossy dark green glossy foliage. The plant is vigorous and disease resistant. Those who live where weather is not too brutally sunny might enjoy the complex subtlties of this rose.

BTW: It would appear that there is much confusion between roses Auguste Gervais and Leontine Gervais. Is it even possible to distinguish Leontine Gervais from its half-brother Auguste Gervais whose color metamorphosis is almost identical? Perhaps. Patricia Routley suggests that early references to Leontine Gervais give flower sizes of about two inches while those for Auguste give flower sizes of about four or five inches. Charles Quest-Ritson gives the same advice in Climbing Roses of the World. Suggesting that flowers of both fade quickly in hot weather. He suggests, too, that Leontine Gervais is frequently confused with Francois Juranville since both have an old rose sort of muddled flower; but that the latter keeps its orange-tinged pink shade much better. The suggestion is that if we have a flower with petals wide open displaying a central boss of stamens, it's Auguste, but if the flower is a little more coy, it's probably Leonie.