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Leonie Lamesch - Polyantha Rose

Leonie Lamesch

Polyantha. Bred by Lambert in Germany in 1899.
Coral/Gold Blend
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft

Comments Leonie Lamesh is a hybrid multiflora rose whose flowers might express every color produced by roses - at the same time. It's a tough, vigorous, and hardy rose that has great potential for landscape treatments.

BTW: What color is the blossom of Leonie Lamesch? In some photos it is white kissed with pink. In others it is scarlet. In still others it is coral and apricot. Or pink and white and yellow. It is customary to photograph roses one blossom at a time. It's a habit learned of photographing hybrid tea roses; but in the case of Leonie Lamesch it does little to help us understand the impact of the rose in the garden. The individual roses are a motley wash of coral and gold, sometimes dark sometimes so pale the flowers are essentially pale pink. As is true of so many of Lambert's small-flowered introductions, the impact of the plant lies in the profusion of bloom and the way the plant when it is covered with blossoms can paint an area in the garden. Trimmed to within a foot of the ground each year, great beds of Leonie Lamesch blanket the ground with a cheery orangish flowers at Colonial Park in Somerset NJ. The same treatment is given Verdun and Marie Pavie. Once you see great beds of this cultivar given this treatment, it's a little difficult to imagine it being treated in any other way.