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Lagerfeld - Grandiflora Rose


Grandiflora. Bred by Christiansen in USA (West Coast) in 1985.
Rose Photo
Cutting Bed, Trap Plant
Bloom Size:
Large - about 4 1/2 inch
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 9
Height & Width:
4 ft x 2 ft
Good for Mediterranian Climates

Comments Lagerfeld produces perfect, high-centered lilac blossoms that are powerfully fragrant. Growing where it is protected completely from black spot, it has the potential to be a terrific flowering plant. But that potential is fully realized only when there are no thrips within, say, five miles of the plant. Otherwise, the flowers are ruined. In Texas and in New Jersey I grew accustomed to seeing every single blossom on Lagerfeld completely ruined by thrips from the start of the season to the end. White and purple roses brushing against Lagerfeld got none. This gives the plant the distinction of being a thrips trap plant par excellance.

BTW: After three years without spraying, a spider moved in and quickly got very very fat. The flowers finally began to resemble those in the photos. At last my low impact method had begun to show fruit. The next year Lagerfeld died of drought and blackspot - a cruel coincidence. Lagerfeld had once again earned the moniker, "the rose gardeners love to hate." Lagerfeld once had the reputation of being among the most hated roses, perhaps, because it is simultaneously one we fall for and one that bitterly disappoints. Roses that fail to draw us as close hurt us less.