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Jayne Austin - English Rose Rose

Jayne Austin

English Rose. Bred by Austin in UK in 1994.
Fence, Wall, Pillar
Pale Apricot
Deeply Cupped
Strong Spice
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 8
Height & Width:
4 ft x 3 ft

Comments Jayne Austin makes lovely old-rose style flowers in the tea-noisette vein. They are deeply cupped and muddled, and they are a delicious shade of pale apricot. Where it can be happily situated it can really wow. Claire Martin suggests that Jayne Austin does fall prey to fungal disease and that it is a little stingy on floral production. The foliage, he claims will burn in hot, bright sunlight. Taken at face value this would mean that the rose is only suited to places with cool, dry summers: bits of the Pacific Northwest and Western Europe. Certainly those who have grown it in those regions rave about it. Evidently, there are gardeners in other parts of the country who have had good luck with this rose, for it does get a solid rating. It is worth noting that it does like high culture and is not a good candidate for hard pruning.