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Irene Watts - China Rose

Irene Watts

China. Bred by Guillot in France in 1896.
Bed, Border, Low Hedge
Shell Pink
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 7 - 11
Height & Width:
2 ft x 2 ft

Comments The real Irene Watts is china rose that produces pink roses that are muddled in the style of old china roses. The color is pale pink, usually overlaid with some yellow pigment - especially near the base of the petals - giving it some pale apricot shading. The plant grows to about two feet in each direction and produces flowers with good continuity through the season.

BTW: Confusion surrounds this rose. It has been claimed that every rose sold as Irene Watts in the US and many in Europe since WWII are really Pink Gruss an Aachen. The lore is that Beales misidentified the latter as the former once, long ago. Beales now lists both varieties with a photo of each; and one would be hard pressed to distinguish one from the other except that Irene Watts is listed as being not very thorny; but Pink Gruss an Aachen is listed as being thorny. In light of the similarity and of the popularity of the rose sold for so long under the wrong name, the confusion is likely to continue for many decades.