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Gypsy - Hybrid Tea Rose


Hybrid Tea. Bred by Swim & Weeks in USA (CA) in 1973.
Rose Photo
Cutting Bed
Slight Spice
Bloom Size:
Medium - about 4 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 7 - 11
Height & Width:
4 ft x 3 ft

Comments Gypsy is a hot weather rose. It needs warmth and sunlight to thrive. Evidently just a touch of chill sets it back. This makes it ideal for California's central valley and for some other southern locations. It is listed on the NC state extension service as a recommended rose there, and photos of the rose from there suggest the rose grows very well there. It did win an AARS award in the early 1970's but ARS members rate it a mere 5.9. Mulch does better. We infer that outside its comfort range it falls apart quickly; but where it is happy it will wow.

BTW: There are at least three hybrid tea roses, a floribunda, and a polyantha registered under this name. The floribunda bred by Suzuki might be worthy of consideration. It makes beautiful high-centered spiral-form roses whose petals are scarlet on the front and pale gold on the reverse. It is possible, however, that the floribunda is less foliferous than the hybrid tea rose and it would seem that the blossoms begin to look a little ragged at an earlier stage. In areas with cool nights, though, Suzuki's Gypsy is almost certainly a better rose.