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Gruss an Teplitz - Bourbon Rose

Gruss an Teplitz

Bourbon. Bred by Geschwind in Hungary in 1897.
Fence, Border, Wall, Hed
Powerful Spice
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
6 ft x 4 ft

Comments Gruss an Teplitz is among a handful of roses to have won a rare and coveted "world's favorite rose" award from the World Federation of Rose Societies. This seemed odd to me, for until this event the rose was completely undecorated and seemed to me to be of little distinction. Perhaps I'd have been less suprised had I read Botanica's entry more carefully and found that this rose has been a best seller for over a hundred years. In any case, the rose repeats well, is fragrant, hardy, and shrubby. It will suffer from mildew and blackspot in damp climates. The blossoms have a nice old rose form and the rose is well foliated. In short the rose does lots of important things pretty well. I must say that my own impression of the flowers varies highly with the way they are depicted. The one Paul Barden depicts I would not have in my garden. And the same is true of most depictions. The one depicted by WFRS I find enchanting, though.

BTW: It is interesting to note that Gruss an Teplitz is one of the parents of Dr. Huey, the rootstock for most grafted roses in the US; the other parent is Ethel, a disease resistant daughter of Dorothy Perkins. We guess that one of this rose's strengths might be a reasonably vigorous root system which, together with its love of dry air would make it a good candidate for dryer climates.