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Gloire des Rosomanes - China Rose

Gloire des Rosomanes

China. Bred by Vibert in France in 1852.
Shrub, Tall Hedge
Red/White Blend
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Moderate - about 2.5 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 11
Height & Width:
8 ft x 4 ft

Comments "Rose maniac's glory" might be a rough translation of the name from French. It was an early remontant red rose which evidently drove ninteenth century rose lovers to distraction. Perhaps it is somewhat more important as a rose breeder's milestone than as a garden rose today. It is reputedly to be the remontant red from which most of todays red hybrid tea roses and floribundas descend, but it is generally too big to be a good garden plant, and it's a little difficult to find its flowers attractive by the standards of today's roses. Its china and damask heritage make it good for growing in hot environments.

BTW: The color of this rose is reddish. But which shade of red seems to be dependent on lots of things. A young, vigorous plant grown in full, bright sun might make petals that, when fully open are a rich, bright scarlet. An old, tired plant might make blossoms that are pink in bud. Blossoms tend to range somewhere in between, often being a dark rose. Photo evidence at HMF gives an inconsistent picture of whether the blossoms fade or darken as they age.

Curiously, its chromosome count fixes it as triploid; making it an unlikely parent of General Jacqueminot.