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Electron - Hybrid Tea Rose


Hybrid Tea. Bred by McGredy in Ireland in 1970.
Rose Photo
Shrub, Bed, Cutting Bed
Bloom Size:
Large (4-5 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments Its bright, cheery, hot pink flowers are perfectly formed, and borne each year regardless of conditions and care. The plant is well provided with almost unconditionally healthy foliage. And there is fragrance. If there were a special club for hybrid tea roses that can withstand nearly any abuse, I would be willing to nominate just three cultivars, and Electron would be one. I have tried and failed miserably with about ten times that many, mostly AARS winners. Electron tolerates light shade, humidity, drought, and general neglect better than any hybrid tea rose I have grown. I planted it four feet from a very greedy 24 ft tall cedar - underneath the dripline where it got neither water nor sunlight. Did it thrive? No. But it survived for years. And it bloomed each year. Even the weeds had difficulty in that spot.

BTW: There is a rumor that in the seventies or eighties the Jackson and Perkins marketing team instructed their breeding program not to bring forth any new pink hybrid tea roses because the world was awash in good ones. Not sure exactly when that directive went out, but my guess is that Electron was one of the reasons. It's possible to produce something different, but hard to produce something better.