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Danse de Feu - Rambler Rose

Danse de Feu

Rambler. Bred by Mallerin in France in 1953.
Arch, Pergola
Moderate Citrus
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
12 ft x 6 ft

Comments Danse de Feu - as it is frequently photographed - produces blossoms in an electric, bright red that sometimes borders on dark coral or salmon. Extremely bright sun can bleach them, and other conditions, perhaps heat, can darken them. A pair of these trained on a great arch in full bloom really can stop people in their tracks, especially if the scene is framed with white rambling roses. Judging from its heritage this ought not be a rose of difficult culture. It is, however, easy to get it mixed up with its nearest relative Danse des Sylphes.

BTW: We are tempted to wonder to what extent this mixup has occurred. Although Paul's Scarlet might occasionally touch on that bright color briefly, it turns crimson quickly; and we would expect the same here. It was Independence that brought pure red pigment to rosedom. It, together with Peace brought pure red and perthaps just a touch of yellow pigment to Dans des Sylphes. It would seem that the rose depicted in a Davis Austin photo might be the real Danse de Feu. Perhaps some of the other roses offered as Danse de Feu are actually its famous offepring Danse de Sylphes.