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Constance Spry - English Rose Rose

Constance Spry

English Rose. Bred by Austin in UK in 1959.
Rose Photo
Wall, Pillar, Fence, Peg
Strong Myrrh
Bloom Size:
Large - about 4
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
8 ft x 4 ft

Comments When Constance Spry is well trained - horizontally on a fence or lattice, for example - it can put on an amazing show. The canes can easily reach 9 ft in length, so it is quite easy to cover an 8x8 ft lattice with foliage and flowers. It can also be self-pegged to make it wider than it is tall. All these things would, of course, be easier if the canes did not tend to buckle with the slightest sideways pressure. Alternatively it can be left to grow as a shrub; but in this case its vertical canes may not produce as many flowers. The flowers are cupped, candy pink, and very fragrant. The fragrance is said to resemble myrrh and it can be quite delicious. The show lasts maybe two weeks, and is gone. The rest of the energy goes into making foliage and new canes. Constance Spry is far from being disease resistant; it seems especially prone to downy mildew. But it seems not to be profoundly affected by it.

BTW: The rose is named for the mid twentieth century rose lover who almost single-handedly launched the resurgence of old rose taste at the height of the popularity of high-centered hybrid tea roses. Fittingly, Constance Spry is also the ancestor of most of Austin's light-colored old-style roses.