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Compassion - Large Flower Climber Rose


Large Flower Climber. Bred by Harkness in UK in 1973.
Pillar, Arch, Wall
Pink/Orange Blend
Strong Sweet
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
12 ft x 6 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments "One of the all-time greats in rose breeding," according to Botanica's Roses. The plant is vigorous and rarely touched by fungal disease. It is generous with its high-centered flowers which seem to appear pretty at every stage of development. The color of the flowers is a matter of some debate. They range from pale pink or candy pink through shell pink to pale apricot. Several of these colors might be found in the rose at once. The flowers also are strongly scented. It is not uncommon for fairly good roses to win a medal here or there, but few manage even two of the several this has won.

BTW:The RHS award for garden merit is a highly coveted award that declares the rose healthy, vigorous, productive, and decorative in the UK. Similarly, the ADR is an award that declares a rose to have essentially the same qualities in Germany, except with the additional stipulation that it does all this without the use of synthesized pesticides or fungicides. Few foreign roses win. And only rarely does the RNRS bestow its Edland award for fragrance. This is certainly one of the very few roses that has this combination of decorations; so if it seems like it might make good choice for your garden, it probably will be. There is a slightly more golden sport known as Dixieland Linda with fewer decorations, but the same attributes.