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Command Performance - Hybrid Tea Rose

Command Performance

Hybrid Tea. Bred by Lindquist in in 1970.
Rose Photo
Foil, Breeding Stock
Bloom Size:
Large (4-5 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 9
Height & Width:
4 ft x 2 ft

Comments The color is a little variable, ranging from a pale and faded coral through orange to a dark & dusky coral to vermilion. At its best it's a glorious rose in a rare color. It can be prone to mildew.

BTW:A command performance is one requested by the monarch - for which one is not paid. The name seems fitting for this rose; for if one were to breed a rose with a huge, dark coppery orange colored flower one would feel obliged to introduce it. There are precious few such flowers about. But this act would not assure that one was paid for it; in fact, if the rose were next to impossible to cultivate - even under the best conditions in the world for roses - then it would be destined to obscurity. Command Performance caught my eye in the Berkeley Rose Garden. But when I was still ten steps away I could tell it had the worsrst case of powdery mildew I had ever seen on any rose in any garden. It is not highly admired by ARS members; but it did rate an AARS award near its introduction. It's a rose best suited for collectors and breeders.