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Carefree Wonder - Modern Shrub Rose

Carefree Wonder

Modern Shrub. Bred by Meilland in France in 1978.
Rose Photo
Bed, Border
Good Continuity
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft
Good for Mediterranian Climates

Comments For a landscape shrub, its flowers are very pretty. When given ideal soil conditions and sun it can get by. On rare occasions, it can even wow. Its name, color, and timing suggest that it was Meilland's attempt to shift focus away from a much better rose, Buck's Carefree Beauty. In a kind of ironic twist we find the association between carefree roses and Buck to be so engrained in our thinking that even here this rose is mistakenly attributed to Buck. Based on my own experience growing it in impoverished soil in NJ, it is definitely easier to grow than: just about any hybrid tea rose except for Electron, Midas Touch, Memorial Day, and Olympiad, easier to grow than Conrad F. Meyer and many of the earlier English Roses, too. But when compared to Seafoam, Baby Faurax, Ballerina, or Constance Spry - all of which shared identical conditions - it is a wreck. In four years it hardly grew past a spindly two foot tall sprout. It suffered from blackspot. And dry soil constantly threatened its health. It was perpetually just a whim away from being shovel pruned. I constantly complained that the most wondrous thing about this rose was that the marketers who named it had the gall to include the word "carefree."