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Camaieux - Gallica Rose


Gallica. Bred by Vibert in France in 1830.
Border, Bed, Small Shrub
White/Pink Blend
Strong Clove
Bloom Size:
Medium - about 3
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft

Comments Camaieux may not always be the most perfect flower to be found among the striped old roses. It is neither quite so bold as Rosa Mundi nor quite so refined and subtle as Ferdinand Pichard. But it is relatively large for the time - about three inches across. It has a nice shape thanks to having plenty of petals, and it is strongly scented of clove. It blooms just once in a year, and that means that it will thrive in poor soil. BTW : Rosemary Verey tells a funny story about this rose. In the course of ordering thousands of plants for a very large garden upgrade on an aristocratic English estate she places a verbal order for several dozen plants of this rose variety. But the rose that arrives is "Cameo" which she pronounces coarse and garish and returns to the nursery. It exemplifies the dichotomy in England between what one properly ought to like and what one might otherwise like. Sometimes that results in a lot of sillyness. Sometimes that tension helps us move from poor taste to better taste. But the tension itself can be helpful for it keeps us at different ends of the canoe. It prevents the case where a single company can introduce three new patented roses per year and limit the entire market to those roses.