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Buff Beauty - Hybrid Musk Rose

Buff Beauty

Hybrid Musk. Bred by Pemberton in UK in 1937.
Rose Photo
Shrub, Border, Specimen
Pale Apricot
Strong Musk
Bloom Size:
Medium - about 3.5
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 6 - 10
Height & Width:
5 ft x 5 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments There are rosarians who would claim Buff Beauty to be the best of Pemberton's hybrid musks; and there are rosarians who believe hybrid musks to be the best of garden roses. Buff Beauty bears pale apricot or buff flowers which it holds next to purplish or burgundy new foliage. The plant may not always be vigorous; but it tolerates brutal conditions. It almost never falls prey to fungal disease. While it may not be the most finely branched or foliferous of the hybrid musk roses, it is well branched, and it distributes its flowers very nicely over the face of the plant. I planted Buff Beauty in impoverished clay soil in NJ beside a driveway where it was subjected to brutal heat. I also planted it on the north side of a fence where it got only 3 hours of direct sun per day. In both cases Buff Beauty slowly built up over several years into a good looking shrub, blooming twice each year. It's not an instant flower machine; but for the patient it offers rewards rich and sure.