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Tuscany Superb - Gallica Rose

Tuscany Superb

Gallica. Bred by in in 1837.
Small Shrub, Border
Strong Musk
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 9
Height & Width:
4 ft x 3 ft

Comments Tuscany is an old old rose that has existed in gardens since before 1500. It's a tough, once-blooming gallica with flowers in a dark crimson or purple. There are a lot of petals, but the rose looks a little unrefined in comparison to, say, most centifolia roses. The open rose displays yellow stamens wihch sometimes clash with the flowers. Fragrance is strong. Flowers appear on a shrub that is adequately clad with foliage. What one thinks of it can depend a great deal on exactly which shade of dark crimson or purple the rose produces, and how strong one's visceral reaction is to that shade. Color appears to be a little stronger where temperatures are not too high and sunshine is not too bright. In sunny climates, a bit of PM shade might help preserve bloom color. Although more resistant to blackspot than most hybrid tea roses, it is not immune to it. And it is a favorite of Japanese Beetles.

BTW: The principle difference between Tuscany and Tuscany Superb is that the latter has flowers that might sometimes be about .75 inches or 27% larger than Tuscany's. HMF lists Tuscany as being susceptible to blackspot, but has no photos illustrating this; on the other hand it does not list Tuscany Superb as being susceptible to blackspot but it has photos of at least one rose infected by it.