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Sutter's Gold - Hybrid Tea Rose

Sutter's Gold

Hybrid Tea. Bred by Swim in USA (West) in 1950.
Rose Photo
Powerful Fruit, Apricots
Bloom Size:
Large - about 5 inches
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
4 ft x 2 ft
Good for Mediterranean Climates

Comments This is an early example of a rose that has two rather unstable color processes running simultaneously, and the results are highly variable. In typical warmish but not hot, sunny weather it makes golden high-centered buds. The outer petals scroll and blush. Then the flower begins to fade. Evidently it can fade quickly: there are lots of photos of this flower fully open looking white. It is not a good exhibition rose in part because it fades and blows so quickly. Of course all colors between white and deep apricot-orange are possible, pale pinks and yellows, apricots and oranges. Usually it looks good. Sometimes it looks stunning. Frequently it looks terrible. What is more reliable and more remarkable than the color, though, is the scent which is said to resemble ripe apricots. It also makes hips. Bred from the mother of great flowers, Charlotte Armstrong, this was a great flower when it was bred and it remains a good choice today. As a West Coast rose there is the usual fear that it might not do well where blackspot is a problem.