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Summer Blush - Alba Rose

Summer Blush

Alba. Bred by Sievers in Germany in 1988.
Button Eye
Once Blooming
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 9
Height & Width:
6 ft x 4 ft
Highly Recommended

Comments This is a cross between an alba and a kordesii rose. Both strains are reknown for being cold hardy and for their ability to thrive in cool, shady, and damp conditions. Albas are typically white or pink, but this one breaks the mold. The color is dark rose, edging on crimson, and the flower shape is similar to that of Great Maiden's Blush. Fragrance is strong. It blooms just once in summer, but it puts on a pretty good show. Out of bloom it makes for a good-looking shrube being pretty well branched and foliated. In hot and humid climates, it may suffer much from blackspot.

BTW: It is our general practice only to give a high recommendation to vigorous and disease resistant cultivars that prove to have strong garden presence, extra-pretty blooms, great fragrance, or some other extraordinary asset. Occasionally a cultivar that has some known weakensses will show up displaying some truly unique and compelling strength. Knowing that it might be quite susceptible to blackspot we have rated Summer Blush highly. We do this because the look of this rose in bloom strikes us as quite unique among roses. We imagine that where it grows well there will not be many good substitutes. Once we have been proven wrong, we will rate those substitutes well and change our recommendation.