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Soleil d'Or - Hybrid Tea Rose

Soleil d'Or

Hybrid Tea. Bred by Pernet-Ducher in France in 1900.
Bloom Size:
Modest (2-4 in)
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 5 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft

Comments This rose is of primary interest because it is the ancestor of virtually all floribundas and hybrid teas having yellow, orange, red, apricot, coral, or vermilion coloration. It has passed on to thousands of hybrid tea roses and their descendents a remarkable capacity to harbor black spot. Even today a yellow or orange rose with complete resistance to black spot is considered a rare and special thing. I find it a spindly plant with flowers of unpredictable color. Nor does it seem too interested in blooming. Paul Barden calls it "Undoubtedly the WORST rose I have ever grown..." With almost 13,000 roses as descendants, no rose I can find at HMF has had more genetic input in rose breeding, not even La France. In this light, Clair Martin's argument that Soleil d'Or should be considered the line of demarcation between old and modern roses seems to make much more sense than the use of La France. ARS members rate Soleil d'Or 8.2.

BTW: The question of what an old rose is will forever be a moving target. It will always be "What my grandmother grew." I was reminded of this when viewing Peace in a rose garden with my own mother-in-law some years ago It was a rose of her youth. For many people alive today Peace and the whole generation of brightly colored roses with perfecty high-centered blooms spawned by its popularity wll be old roses. We notice, for instance, that Chrysler Imperial and Emily have crept into the Antique Rose Emporium catalogue. A host of Vintage Gardenings hybrid tea and floribunda offerings hale from the middle of the twentieth century or later. I am not a very young person and sometimes I think of Gene Boerner as an old rose.