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Red Fairy - Polyantha Rose

Red Fairy

Polyantha. Bred by in in 1995.
Very Double
Bloom Size:
Less than 1
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 4 - 9
Height & Width:
3 ft x 3 ft

Comments To its credit, it is vigorous, disease resistant, foliferous, and cold hardy. That said, it leaves me cold. The flowers individually look odd. They range in color from a pure bright red through dusky rose to pale pink. Occasionally it will produce great clusters of flowers in a grape-like fashion that just look silly. Instead, it might produce them in tasteful small clusters in which case the rose looks too spare. There might be places where it will be perfect; I have not thought of any.

BTW: Sometimes names are spot on. Sometimes they reflect a bit of whimsy. Occasionally they reflect a significant measure of wishful thinking. The Fairy is a kind of bullet-proof flower making machine. The flowers it makes are unconditionally pretty, and the way the plant looks is, too. So if one were to breed a rose with all the same characteristics, but in red, Red Fairy would be a good name. While this rose is capable of creating large clusters of darkish flowers that sometimes approximate red, the flower's name has some connection to reality. But sadly, the rose is not nearly so generous as The Fairy. And most of the time the flowers are not really red but are a dusky rose or faded pink.