Pink Roses
Roses whose color is Pink
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Very Short Pink Roses

Baby Grand Miniature Zone 4 Poulsen 8.6
Giggles Miniature Zone 5 King 8.9
Judy Fischer Miniature Zone 5 Moore
China Doll Polyantha Zone 4 Lammerts 8.2


Moderately Short Pink Roses

Rose des Peintres Centifolia Zone 4 Ecoffay 7.5
Hermosa China Zone 7 Marcheseau 7.8
Juno China Zone 6 Laffay 7.0
Old Blush China Zone 6
Gene Boerner Cluster Flowered Zone 4 Boerner 8.4
Radox Bouquet Cluster Flowered Zone 5 Harkness
Raspberry Ice Cluster Flowered Zone 4 Kordes 8.3
Simplicity Cluster Flowered Zone 4 Warriner 7.6
Celsiana Damask Zone 5
Mary Rose English Rose Zone 5 Austin 8.3
Mrs. John Laing Hybrid Perpetual Zone 5 Bennett
Max Graf Hybrid Rugosa Zone 4 Bowditch 7.3
Pink Grootendorst Hybrid Rugosa Zone 4 Grootendorst 7.8
Sarah van Fleet Hybrid Rugosa Zone 3 Van Fleet 8.1
Lady Mary Fitzwilliam Large Flowered Zone 6 Bennett
Peach Blossom Large Flowered Zone 5 Austin 7.5
Secret Large Flowered Zone 4 Tracy 7.7
Martha’s Vineyard Modern Shrub Zone 4 Oleson 8.3
Morden Centennial Modern Shrub Zone 3 Marshall 8.4
Pink Bassino Modern Shrub Zone 4 Kordes
Pink Meidiland Modern Shrub Zone 4 Meilland 8.6
Royal Bonica Modern Shrub Zone 4 Meilland
Smarty Modern Shrub Zone 5 Ilsink
Soupert et Notting Moss Zone 5 Pernet Pere
Else Poulsen Polyantha Zone 4 Poulsen 8.1
Excellenz von Schubert Polyantha Zone 5 Lambert
The Fairy Polyantha Zone 4 Bentall 8.7
Jacques Cartier Portland Zone 5 Desprez


Moderately Tall Pink Roses

Madame Ernst Calvat Bourbon Zone 5 Schawartz 8.1
Elveshorn Cluster Flowered Zone 5 R. Kordes 9.0
Gloire de Guilan Damask Zone 5 Found by Lindsay
Kazanlik Damask Zone 5
St. Nicholas Damask Zone 5 James
Cottage Rose English Rose Zone 4 Austin
Geoff Hamilton English Rose Zone 5 Austin
Guy de Maupassant English Rose Zone 5 Meilland
Sir Walter Raleigh English Rose Zone 4 Austin
Empress Josephine Gallica Zone 3
Jens Munk Hybrid Rugosa Zone 3 Svejda 8.8
Martin Frobisher Hybrid Rugosa Zone 3 Svejda 7.3
Queen Elizabeth Large Flowered Zone 5 Lammerts 7.7
Touch of Class Large Flowered Zone 4 Kriloff 9.0
Applejack Modern Shrub Zone 3 Buck 8.3
Belinda’s Dream Modern Shrub Zone 5 Bayse 8.4
Marguerite Hilling Modern Shrub Zone 4 Dot 7.5
Sparrieshoop Modern Shrub Zone 4 Kordes 8.0
Yesterday Polyantha Zone 5 Harkness 7.4
R. carolina Species Shrub Zone 4
R. cinnamonea plena Species Shrub Zone 4

R. eglanteria Species Shrub Zone 5

R. glauca Species Shrub Zone 5

R. sericea pteracantha Species Shrub Zone 5
R. virginiana Species Shrub Zone 5


Climbing Pink Roses

Bourbon Queen Bourbon Zone 6 Mauget
Bantry Bay Cluster Flower Climber Zone 5 McGredy 7.9
Pink Powderpuff Large Flower Climber Zone 5 Moore
Jeanne Lajoie Mini Climber Zone 5 Sima 9.2
Super Dorothy Rambler Zone 5 Heltzel
Tea Rambler Rambler Zone 5 Paul


Rambling Pink Roses

Chaplin’s Pink Climber Large Flower Climber Zone 4 Chaplin
Newport Fairy Rambler Zone 5 Gardener 8.6
Tausendschon Rambler Zone 5 Schmidt 8.5



Roses tend to do pink very well; so it's little wonder that there are quite a few excellent roses on this list. Furthermore, pink is an easy color to work into a rose garden because all the cool colors are happy hanging out with pink. The strong pinks will stand up well to a number of assertive colors; yellow and red come to mind. Orange will work well, but the apricots and golds will sometimes not work well.

Old Blush, Celisana, and Chaplin's Pink, and Paul's Tea Rambler are among the pink roses I have been most impressed with in gardens. Interestingly, none has been my own. I have failed with Elveshorn and Jens Munk. Neither really blooms for me. I do like Mrs John Laing; the flowers are very fragrant and the bush is fairly well branched by hybrid perpetual standards, but the rose does get fungal diseases which set it back a bit.






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