Foliferous Roses
Roses that produce an abundance of flowers
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  1. Sexy Rexy
  2. Iceberg and Climbing Iceberg
  3. Showbiz
  4. Ballerina
  5. Kathleen
  6. Rosa banksia: lutea, lutescens, banksia
  7. Ferdy
  8. Rote Max Graf
  9. Henry Kelsey
  10. Sarabande
  11. Madame Plantier
  12. Tausandschoen
  13. Marie Pavie
  14. Orange Morsdag
  15. Verdun
  16. Gartendirektor Otto Linne
  17. The Fairy
  18. Newport Fairy
  19. Sea Foam
  20. John Cabot
  21. The Garland
  22. Goldfinch
  23. Gourmet Popcorn
  24. China Doll
  25. Phyllis Bide
  26. Perle d'Or
  27. Mrs R.M. Finch
  28. Mevrow an Nathalie Nypels
  29. Chevy Chase
  30. Seven Sisters
  31. Francis E Lester
  32. Wedding Day
  33. Paul's Tea Rambler
  34. Dicky (Anisley Dickson)
  35. Rainbow's End
  36. Knock Out
  37. Brass Band
  38. Summer Fashion
  39. Eye Paint
  40. Highdownensis
  41. Le Reve
  42. Sunsprite
  43. Chaplin's Pink Climber
  44. Cornelia
  45. Moonlight
  46. Mt Hood
  47. Danae
  48. Bonica
  49. Sally Holmes
  50. Constance Spry
  51. Carefree Delight
  52. Marina
  53. Gruss an Aachen
  54. Madame Plantier
  55. Europeana
  56. Albertine
  57. Nevada
  58. Nozomi
  59. Jeanne Lajoie
  60. Laura Ford
  61. Red Cascade
  62. Dortmund
  63. Popcorn
  64. Lyda Rose
  65. Lamarque
  66. Carefree Beauty
  67. Hawkeye Belle
  68. Whiteout
  69. Old Blush & Climbing Old Blush
  70. Cecile Brunner


Before we get to the list, it is useful to understand that, frequently, roses that make lots of flowers descend from multiflora hybrids and fragrance is a rare bonus. Furthermore, multiflora hybrids tend to make relatively small flowers. The upshot of this is that, generally speaking, one can choose either lots of floral color or fragrance: usually one cannot get lots of flowers and fragrance. The nominal exception to this rule crops up in the hybrid musks, so named because many of them get fragrance from another side of the family. Even in this class though, the most foliferous rose is Ballerina who has no fragrance. The more fragrant of the hybrid musks tend to be a bit less well covered with flowers. Polyanthas are, in general, well furnished with flowers; but it is a very rare polyantha that smells good.

This list starts out in order; the first five or ten roses are, on average, better than most of the rest of the list. But after that there is just some random fluctuation from entry to entry. How one experiences the rose will depend on a host of environmental and cultural variables. Furthermore, there may be a number of ramblers or other roses that are not very highly popular that belong on this list; but most of these are pretty durable and vigorous where they are cold hardy.

Roses appear to do whites and pinks best. There are some good red shows, but when it comes to bright yellow and orange, it is generally pushing the envelope a bit. This said, we have listed a few in these color regions. They may not be quite so foliferous as some whites and pinks that are not on the list, but sometimes some variety is called for.


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