Roses for Cold Climates
Roses Rated to USDA Zone 3
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Name Color Class Breeder Rating
Therese Bugnet Candy Pink Hybrid Rugosa Bugnet 8.1
Captain Samuel Holland Cerise Modern Shrub Ogilvie
Rosarium Uetersen Coral Large Flower Climber Kordes 8.5
Morden Ruby Coral Modern Shrub Marshall
Vanguard Coral Hybrid Rugosa Stevens
Henry Kelsey Crimson Cluster Flower Climber Svejda
Robusta Crimson Hybrid Rugosa R. Kordes 9.0
Alexander McKenzie Crimson Modern Shrub Svejda
Charles Albanel Crimson Hybrid Rugosa Svejda
Champlain Crimson Modern Shrub Svejda 8.4
Alika Crimson Hybrid Rugosa Hansen 8.8
Belle Poitevine Mauve Hybrid Rugosa Bruant 8.5
Moje Hammarberg Mauve Hybrid Rugosa Hammarberg
Folksinger Pale Apricot Modern Shrub Buck
Awakening Pale Pink Large Flower Climber Blatna
Morden Blush Pale Pink Modern Shrub Colicutt & Marshall
Sarah van Fleet Pink Hybrid Rugosa Van Fleet 8.1
Morden Centennial Pink Modern Shrub Marshall 8.4
Empress Josephine Pink Gallica
Jens Munk Pink Hybrid Rugosa Svejda 8.8
Martin Frobisher Pink Hybrid Rugosa Svejda 7.3
Applejack Pink Modern Shrub Buck 8.3
J.P. Connell Primrose Modern Shrub Svejda
Hansa Purple Hybrid Rugosa Schaum & Van Tol 8.3
Rose a Parfum de l’Hay Purple Hybrid Rugosa Gravereaux 7.9
Red Meidiland Red Modern Shrub Meilland 7.2
Prairie Fire Red/White Blend Modern Shrub Philips 8.3
F.J. Grootendorst Rose Hybrid Rugosa de Gooey 7.7
Frau Dagmar Hartopp Rose Hybrid Rugosa Hastrup 8.5
John Cabot Rose Modern Shrub Svejda 8.9
John Davis Rose Modern Shrub Svejda 8.6
William Baffin Rose Modern Shrub Svejda 8.9
Morden Fireglow Scarlet Modern Shrub Colcut & Marshall
Henry Hudson White Hybrid Rugosa Svejda 9.2
Blanc Double de Coubert White Hybrid Rugosa Cochet 8.3

These roses are reputed to be cold hardy to zone 3. Many factors influence cold hardiness; and those gardeners growing roses in these conditions may wish to try own-root roses first, since they will come back true to form after a hard freeze. There's a lot of good stuff on this list. Some of these cultivars are likely to be among the best roses to be found in a zone 6 or 7 garden.


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