A Clean Start – Soil Solarization

One of the most difficult and unpleasant jobs in gardening is dealing with weeds in a newly planted area of the garden.  They pop up everywhere.  And they keep doing it.  Some weeds one can just pull up.  But others tend to linger.  The easy-pull weeds tend to be easily eradicated from the garden, but the ones that you pull up over and over again tend to be a real aggravation.  Perennial grasses are an example.

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Why Won’t My Rose Bloom?

It’s probably happened to everyone who has cultivated roses for a while.  You put the rose into the ground at the right time of year.  You follow the planting directions scrupulously. You keep the rose watered as it sets leaves and makes canes.  You fertilize it.  And the first year … nothing.  So the next year you prune it and fertilize it some more.  And still nothing.  The rose doesn’t bloom.

There are lots of places on-line where people complain of the problem, but few places undertake to list all the causes.  Here’s a pretty complete list to consider if your rose fails to bloom. Continue reading