Shovel Pruned 2012

These roses were removed from the garden because they died, or because they were not growing well enough.

  • The McCartney Rose – suffered from a badly executed move previous yr.
  • Medallion – it was an accident, I swear.
  • Malibu – three years in the same place, and it looked a wreck the whole time.
  • Elina – died its first spring. Almost.
  • Blanc Double de Coubert – there are places too shady for rugosas, even in Arizona.
  • Ginal Lollobrigida – never grew.
  • Arethusa – just sat there.  Really not happy with spring freeze-thaw cycling.
  • Don Juan – ditto. Only worse.

Some of these are good enough roses to warrant another try.  Don Juan on Dr. Huey rootstock will find another place in the garden.  We’ll try again with Elina and at least one or two more rugosas.  The search for fragrance is never dead and The McCartney rose will  be planted again. Medallion, though, is gone until it is offered on multiflora rootstock.

So, what’s on your shovel-pruned  list for the season?