Mauve and Fragrant

Perhaps it was Sterling Silver that set the expectation that mauve, lilac, and purple roses ought to be fragrant.  Angel Face supported that idea.  So, too, did Lagerfeld.  Regardless of origin, our sense is that the purplish rose must prominently feature scent. The list of exceptional fragrant roses is long.  But not all are good garden roses.  Sterling Silver needs exceptional care to just get by in the best of climate. Lagerfeld has a reputation for being a difficult rose, too. Angel Face, though is a perennial favorite because it is considered a rose of easy culture. Perhaps it is, but I have failed with its climbing sport.

Below, find a list of roses that are lilac, mauve, purple, or pretty close to it.  To the extent that we know it, we’ve added an assessment of fragrance which, of course, will vary a bit from garden to garden in both quality and quantity.  Unfortunately, we have no idea how well these might do in any garden, so the recommendation is: grow one and tell us.  We’ll keep tabs on the results and when there are enough of them, we’ll report back.

Mauve or Lilac Roses 

  • Sterling Silver – Scent is glorious. disease prone.
  • Stainless Steel – More Vigorous, less scent.
  • English Perfume – HEAVENLY scent
  • Neptune – Excellent scent
  • Poseidon – Good scent
  • Magenta – Very Good scent
  • Fragrant Plum – Excellent scent
  • Blue for You – Best scent
  • Melody Parfume – HEAVENLY scent, gorgeous form
  • Royal Amethyst – Good scent
  • Lagerfeld – Sharp scent, sometimes difficult
  • Angel Face – Good scent
  • Blue Bayou – Good scent
  • Orchid Masterpiece – Good scent
  • Sweetness
  • Vol de Nuit
  • Shocking Blue
  • Lavender Lassie – OK scent
  • Lavender Dream – OK scent
  • Clare de Lune – OK scent
  • Silver Star (Kordes) NoScent
  • Silver Star (Star Roses) Even Less Scent
  • Gray Pearls – Gray
  • Blue Moon – No scent
  • Blue Nile – Weak grower
  • Silverado
  • Quicksilver

Purple Roses 

  • Othello – Heavenly scent
  • Melody Parfume – Heavenly scent
  • Voluptuous – Rich scent
  • Heirloom – Good scent
  • Intrigue – Good scent
  • Purple Passion
  • Barbara Streisand – Good scent
  • Paradise – Pretty, but almost no scent
  • Wild Blue Yonder – Almost no scent
  • Midnight Blue
  • Lavender Pinoccio
  • Stephen’s Purple
  • Plum Crazy
  • Blue Parfum
  • Blue River
  • Ebb Tide – Poor scent