Hello world!

Though it hovered on the horizon as the bulletin board project  failed for reason after reason, the blogging project got started almost as a lark. I wanted to communicate observations about roses  from online research and from gardening to fellow rose gardeners; it wasn’t really working because of the medium.  So I tried a new medium.  Lots of questions linger.

What would a blog look like? How would it sound?  To what extent is it about garden writing and to what extent is it about roses?  How should it engage? How should it inform?  Can we get it to look good?  Can we pull together photos and text to give people a real sense not just of the great beauty of gardening, but of the hope, the dreaming, the planning, the digging,  the sweating, the heartbreaks, and the joys of the enterprise?  Who can say?

Please join us so we can find out together.