Mauve and Fragrant

Perhaps it was Sterling Silver that set the expectation that mauve, lilac, and purple roses ought to be fragrant.  Angel Face supported that idea.  So, too, did Lagerfeld.  Regardless of origin, our sense is that the purplish rose must prominently feature scent. The list of exceptional fragrant roses is long.  But not all are good garden roses.  Sterling Silver needs exceptional care to just get by in the best of climate. Lagerfeld has a reputation for being a difficult rose, too. Angel Face, though is a perennial favorite because it is considered a rose of easy culture. Perhaps it is, but I have failed with its climbing sport. Continue reading

Lust List, Fall 2012

At every point in time there’s a long list of roses I’ve wanted to be growing in my garden but am not for one reason or another.  It’s sort of a long list of candidates for the wish list which eventually gets worked into a set of orders.  Schematically it’s Lust List -> Wish List -> Orders.  Here’s the list as it stands at one moment in time in October 2012.  What’s on your lust list?  Continue reading