Pink Meidiland

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Photo of Rose Coral Meidiland

If one treasures single roses with red stamens, Coral Meidiland might be a good bet. It's a tough wichuriana shrub that can cover its 3x3 ft frame with flowers.

Meidilands have a tradition of being tough, troublefree, and foliferous, and if this one is true to that tradition - and its wichuriana background suggests it might be - then it could be completely trouble-free.

I look forward to seeing more of this rose, it's a rare and much coveted garden color. Interesting though it is, the specimen in the photo had only several of these two inch blossoms.

Meilland, France 1993
Geisha | Jacqueline du Pre | Golden Wings
Zone 4-9
Carefree Wonder | Pink Meidiland
Shrub Rose
Photo: Fuji Provia, print, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Garden in Houston TX, Apr 2000.
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