Pearl Drift

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Photo of Rose Pearl Drift

Edmund LeGrice was king of the novel rose. "What is so novel about white shrub rose Pearl Drift?" Start with the fact that it's a cross beween Mermaid and New Dawn: no big deal except that it took rose breeders forty years of trying to get this to happen. Then there's the large, cupped flowers which open to reveal straw colored stamens, an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Finally there is the foliage. It was so dark, glossy, and handsome - on the specimen photographed at Roseraeie de l'Hay - that one could easily imagine using the plant simply as a foliage plant.

It survives punishing condtions in my garden, growing better every year. And this year when rain ruined the blossoms of Sally Holmes, Pearl Drift's look untouched.

LeGrice, UK 1980
Zone 5-9
Modern Shrub