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Photo of Rose Olympiad My success with Olympiad did more to cause me to harbor ill will to hybrid teas than did my many failures. This is what it looked like after years one and two. It was covered in red blossoms, yet it seemed UGLY. The plant itself was ugly and the flowers individually and collectively seemed ugly. At least with the failures I could imagine what they should have looked like. In this case there was no escape. I tore up the plant and now iris grow there.

Olympiad has an enviable ARS rating of 8.7 which means that even rotten gardeners such as myself can easily grow plants that look like this.

Silver Jubilee and Marijke Koopman are the only HT's I've allotted space to, and the jury's out on them. If this look appeals to you, then Olympiad is a super choice.

McGredy, New Zealand 1984
Zone 5-9
Hybrid Tea