New Dawn

Fragrant & Remontant
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Photo of Rose New Dawn "What's all the hullabaloo about New Dawn. Is it really that good?" asked one on-line rose-lover. Yes and no. It's the first remontant wichuriana climber, it's almost bullet proof, it will grow to be a massive plant that can cover a huge pergola, it has pretty foliage, and its flowers are a pretty, garden-friendly color and nicely fragrant.

But it does take a few years to settle in. And the flowers are not as large as those of large-flowered climbers nor quite as plentiful as once-flowering wichuriana ramblers. Its canes are thicker, making it harder to train, and they are thorny.

Rosarians bestowed on it the seventh World's Favorite Rose award in 1997. ARS members give it 8.5. It's worth growing.

Van Fleet, USA 1930
Zone 5-8
Large-Flowered Climber