Mary Webb

Fragrant & Remontant
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Photo of Rose Mary Webb Mary Webb is just about the perfect primrose yellow English Rose. The plant has medium vigor, reasonably good branching and foliation. It produces fragrant, cupped blossoms with lots of petals. Each is over four inches across. There is little or no disease.

The exact shade of yellow can be a little timid, but it goes with many other colors. Although primrose is common among roses predating 1900 and among shrubby roses, among hybrid teas primrose is a special color: Elina and Polarstern share this color and St Patrick can be close. Several other English roses are various shades of primrose yellow. We can thank Austin for attempting to give our gardens a full range of the colors roses are capable of expressing.

Austin, UK 1984
Zone 4-9
Shrub or English Rose