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Photo of Rose Mme Isaac Perreire

I took bad care of mine and it dwindled to nothing. And I wonder whether it is some work getting this rose to grow really big and vital: the two places I've seen it grown in Texas and in France it had all the sun, water, fertilizer and expert care to reach its 7 ft potential, but was in neither case 4 ft tall, nor did it have more than one cane.

When the flowers come, they are exquisite in shape and in smell. And it is the powerful fragrance that draws many to this rose.

ARS members give it an 8.5 rating, so when it is grown on good soil in warm places it evidently can please greatly. It's one rose that failed in my own garden whose possibilities in other gardens I can comprehend.

Garcon, France 1881
Great Western | Mme Pierre Oger
Zone 7-9
Sophy's Rose | Reine Victoria
Photo: Fuji Provia slide, Jade II scanner
Rose: Roseraie de l'Hay in Paris, May 1999
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