Ingrid Bergman

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Photo of Rose Ingrid Bergman There are many who claim Ingrid Bergman is the ultimate red hybrid tea rose: it's pure red with little bluing, it's disease resistant, and it is fragrant. It's a combination hard to find in red hybrid teas. This blossom was exposed six hours per day to blistering Texas sun and did not blue - that's worth something.

Those who spray and show roses on the bench will probably have a different opinion since this is not the largest or most formally organized of the red HT's. But everyone with a "hands-off' approach to roses would do well to learn about Ingrid Bergman.

ARS members rate it a solid 7.7.

Poulsen, Denmark 1985
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Photo: Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Houston TX Private Garden, May 2000
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