Henry Kelsey

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Photo of Rose Henry Kelsey

Wilhelm Kordes bred r. kordesii, this plant's seed parent, and Felicitas Svejda bred its pollen parent and this rose. These rose breeders were the two most successful ever in breeding durable roses. Henry Kelsey is just one of many examples.

Here we see the rose trained up an 8 ft pillar and climbing six feet in either direction along the rail-arbor, and every inch of the rose is covered in blossom.

Blossom color is hard to discribe. It has a glowing coral quality at the start, then it fades to soft rose. It is pretty through the whole trip.

As we've pointed out, it's cold hardy, vigorous, and disease-free. Repeat-flowering climbers do not get better than this.

Svejda, Canada 1984
Dortmund | Rote Max Graf | Dublin Bay
Zone 3-8
New Dawn | John Cabot | John Davis
Cluster-Flowered Climber
Photo from Fuji Provia slide, Linotype Jade II scanner
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2000
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