Great Western

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Photo of Rose Great Western

It's hard to decide what color are the blossoms of Great Western. Sometimes the insides of the petals are a dark purple and the outsides have a slivery overlay. Other times they are a dark magenta as in this photograph.

Not subject to question are the plant's toughness and its garden worth as a shrub. This specimen grows in six inches of impoverished clay on gravel. It is nicely branched and well foliaged. With little feeding and no spraying it puts on a great display for three weeks each year. The flowers are fragrant, informal, and 2 1/2 inches across.

Laffay, France 1840
Reine Victoria | Mme Pierre Oger
Zone 5-9
Mme Isaac Perreire | Reine des Violettes
Digital Camera: Fuji Finepix 2800
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2003
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2003. All rights reserved.