Golden Showers

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Photo of RosePurple Tiger Charlotte Amrstrong is one of those parents who seem to be incapable of bearing less than stellar offspring. So it is that Golden Showers is one of the few - perhaps it is the only of the - roses to win an AARS award. It also boasts an award of garden merit from the RHS.

And rare though it is for winning roses of that day to be winning roses today, Golden Showers is still about as good as they come in yellow climbers. It is vigorous, easy to train, produces flowers with good continuity.

It does get a bit of mildew and perhaps some black spot, but it seems to grow through it all. ARS members give it a 7.4 - that's as good as it gets for yellow climbers.

Lammerts, US 1956
Zone 4-9
Large Flowered Climber
Digital Camera: Fuji Finepix 2800
Rose: Berkeley Rose Garden, Jun 2003
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2003. All rights reserved.