Golden Holstein

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Photo of Rose Ferdy

For over a decade I had admired Sun Flare for its power to attract attention in a garden. Then I visited a garden in which Sun Flare was blooming far better than I imagined it could, but next to it was a tall, yellow shrub that completely stole the show. That was my first and only encounter with Golden Holstein.

It's vigorous, nicely branched, well foliaged. It does get a little mildew. But it's biggest problem is with cold. If you live where it will stay warm, can give it the water, sunlight, and air circulation it needs, and require a big plant with cool yellow flowers this is it.

Kordes, Germany 1989
Sun Flare | Gold Badge | Golden Wings
Zone 7-10
Europeana | Trumpeter | Ole
Modern Shrub
Photo: Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Houston TX Private Garden, May 2000
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