Fred Loads

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Photo of Rose Fred Loads The orangy blossoms fade toward coral as they age. It's a pretty rose. The plant is upright until the roses pull the long, straight canes over. If this were a medium pink rose, it would be long gone because there are so many good, shrubby alternatives.

But the closest thing to an alternative is Westerland which produces flowers that are often many shades paler. So this is "one of the best roses in this color," which it would be even if it were much less healthy and vigorous.

Except for the fact that the plant keeps putting parallel canes straight into the air, there's nothing much wrong with it. ARS members rate it 8.5. I think it's a solid 7.5.

Loads, UK 1968
Zone 6-10
Modern Shrub
Digital Camera: Fuji Finepix 2800
Rose: SRB Garden in NJ, May 2003
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2003. All rights reserved.