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Photo of Rose Ferdy

How many roses can you name that cover themselves so completely in blossom that it is impossible to see the leaves? True, there are a number of polyanthas that will do it if severely pruned. But there are precious few that will do it on the scale of Ferdy.

But this floral pletitude comes at a big cost. The rose blooms but once a year, and it does a poor job of dropping expired roses, so the plant looks miserable after it is done blooming.

The plant is healthy and vigorous and rates 7.5 among ARS members.

Suzuki, Japan 1984
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Zone 4-9
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Modern Shrub
Photo from Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Colonial Park Garden in NJ Jun 2000.
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2003. All rights reserved.