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Photo of Rose Fame! Fame! can be an interesting rose, if not an attractive one. The wavy petals and the bluing together produce a unique look that gets your attention.

Presumably the plant has an iron-clad constitution else ARS members would not rate it 8.1.

Unfortunately the flowers fade to an extremely dirty, mottled, pale lilac before they fall off. If you like to spend your free time deadheading, you might keep your plant looking good. Otherwise, the hideous big faded blooms will pollute the ambience of your garden.

Zary, USA 1998
Nur Mahal | Henry Kelsey | Electron
Zone 5-9
Sun Flare | Scarlet Knight | Marijke Koopman
Photo: Fuji Provia slide, Jade II Scanner
Rose: Houston TX Private Garden, May 2000
Image and Text: Copyright S.R. Brubaker 2000, 2003. All rights reserved.